Penwith Local History Group
Penwith Local History Group, Newlyn, Cornwall
We research the fascinating history of West Penwith by working with original sources as much as possible. We publish our findings every two or three years.

The Morrab Library showing the new extension
The Morrab Library showing the new extension.
Photo Glyn Richards
On this Day 18th August 1663

Penzance Joins the Coinage Towns

On 18th August 1663 Charles II issued letters patent to”appointe our Towne of Pensanse within our said stannery of Penwith and Kerrier in our said County of Cornwall to bee from henceforth for ever one of the Coynage Townes…..”


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Women of West Cornwall. A Publication by the Penwith Local History Group
"Women of West Cornwall"
Edited by Pam Lomax

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The Penwith Papers

Pushing Boundaries: Beating the Bounds of the Borough of Penzance

Parishes in previous centuries were jealous of their boundaries, for good financial – and perhaps also territorial and tribal - reasons. At regular intervals, parties of parishioners would check the boundary stones to ensure that they were where they should be.

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