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Myriograph Comes to Penzance   (2 September 1902)

Harry and Fred Poole have brought their Myriorama to town. The craze of the new century – moving pictures! This is the “Largest, latest and most beautifully designed machine for the projection of Animated Photography

Bathers Beware Snappers   (31 August 1911)

Phantom photographers snap bathing beauties in Penzance conspiracy scare: read all about it!

Penzance in Turmoil: The Year of the Two Queens   (26 August 1933)

Cornwall's always had a bit of a thing about royalty, particularly since that dreadful business back in 1649, but in 1933 the people of Penzance really go for it: it's a gloomy time, nationwide depression and mining virtually ended in the Duchy, so let's have Two Queens............

The Swimming Sensation: Phyllis Bottrell of Penzance   (21 August 1925)

Admit it, you thought Nadia Comăneci was the first child sports star! Nadia was 14 when she hit the headlines but today we bring you Phyllis Bottrell, the 13 year old swmming prodigy from Penzance.......

Putting on the Ritz in Penzance   (27 July 1936)

There’s a mighty new cinema in town, on the site of the old Horse and Jockey – closed since way back, before the Great War.

Cyclist Turns Critic as Talkies Arrive in Penzance   (22 July 1929)

Penzance's first talkie - The Doctor's Secret - read Toestrap of the Cornishman's of the gripping story of........well, read on to find out....

Playing with Fire in Penzance   (23 June 1879)

As night fell, youths gathered, “vainly endeavouring to assume a very careless air” but with “an anxious manner” and “mysterious protuberances” beneath their coats......

Sing When You're Winning   (21 June 1958)

Saturday afternoon, and the season’s begun. Down at the Jubilee Pool, in a match between the two county champion teams, we’ve had the better of Devonport. The score..........

Royal Cornwall Show Returns to Penzance   (17 June 1885)

after six weeks of money hunting we are informed at a meeting of the Committee that only sixty pounds have been raised and that several leading hotel keepers …….. have, with extreme munificence, contributed the extraordinarily large sum of ten shillings.....

Showing in the Rain: The Royal Cornwall at Penzance   (12 June 1929)

Penzance has always been a good venue, what with the excellent trains and all the West Penwith farmers. The 1912 attendance of 21,454 hasn’t been bettered by any show since.....

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Penwith Local History Group

c/o Morrab Library
Morrab Gardens
Penzance, Cornwall
TR18 4DA

Penwith Local History Group, Penzance, Cornwall
Penwith Local History Group
Penzance, Cornwall

The Morrab Library showing the new extension
The Morrab Library showing the new extension.
Photo Glyn Richards

<br>Causeway to St Michael's Mount on the ebb tide., Penwith Local History Group
This month's featured photograph:

Causeway to St Michael's Mount on the ebb tide.

Photograph by Ted Mole

Click on the photo above to view more photos
<br>Coastline near Zennor., Penwith Local History Group<br>Chysauster looking east to Mulfra Hill., Penwith Local History Group<br>St Michael's Mount from the Coast Path by Penzance station., Penwith Local History Group<br>Marazion from St Michael's Mount., Penwith Local History Group<br>Greenburrow Engine House, Ding Dong Mine., Penwith Local History Group<br>Marazion from St Michael's Mount, Trencrom on skyline., Penwith Local History Group<br>Three of the Nine Maidens, Zennor Hill in background., Penwith Local History Group<br>Levant Mine from the south showing the leat in the foreground, left to right the calciner, stamps and compressor stacks and the whim and pumping engine houses in the centre with the Skip Shaft headframe., Penwith Local History Group<br>Higher Bal, Levant Mine. Engine house for dual purpose pumping and winding engine. Stonecrop in foreground., Penwith Local History Group<br>Men-an-Tol., Penwith Local History Group<br>The Nine Maidens Stone Circle., Penwith Local History Group