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Copper on the Rocks in St Ives   (10 December 1846)

Today the Pedn Olva in St Ives is a place with a fine view up to Trevose Head where you might enjoy a scotch on the rocks but on 10 December 1846 it was a ship on the rocks, the Thomas  of St Ives.

The Loss of the Trevessa   (7 December 1923)

The loss of the Trevessa, a Hain Line ship, happened in a remote area of the Indian Ocean and was followed by 1700 mile voyage to safety in open boats. The final meeting of the investigation into the ship's loss took place 7th December 1923.

Blue Jacket on the Rocks at the Longships   (9 November 1898)

A clear night, a calm sea and only a short passage home to Cardiff. What could go wrong?

Scilly Disaster: The Legacy of a Mistaken Admiral   (22 October 1707)

A glimmering light spotted through the murk and a ship is saved, but the Admiral, his flagship and 1400 men will not survive the night....

The Cornish Titanic   (14 October 1898)

Coastguard Charlie May can hardly believe his eyes. There before him is a brilliantly lit leviathon of a ship and she's heading for the Manacles..............

Alacrity at Portheras Cove, Pendeen   (13 September 1963)

M.V. Alacrity ran aground at Portheras Cove on 13 September 1963. She has remained a topic of interest ever since.......

The Loss of the William Cory   (5 September 1910)

In his history of Levant Mine, Cyril Noall provides a brief outline of the wreck of the William Cory

on 5th September 1910. The wreck proved to be a bit of a windfall for the mine but how did the William Cory come to run aground on a calm day with excellent visibility?


Washed up at Nanjizel   (20 June 1910)

On board the Febrero, a Spaniard out of Bermeo bound for Newport are 23 crew including: the cook, Roque Iriarte, a small, moustachioed youth of 20 who has worked at sea for the past few months; and the chief engineer, Jose Espinoso, in the pockets of his blue trousers a lottery ticket............

The Wrong Ghost Ship on Long Rock Beach?   (17 May 1888)

Numerous pictures on the Internet claim to show the remains of the schooner Jeune Hortense exposed on Long Rock beach. Her skeleton is occasionally exposed by storms, or is it?


The End of HMS Warspite   (23 April 1947)

The story of the last days of the Warspite is well known, the old ship gallantly contesting the best efforts of the shipbreakers to take her to Faslane to be broken up. Warspite's battle with the breakers made waves across the British press……………

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Penwith Local History Group

c/o Morrab Library
Morrab Gardens
Penzance, Cornwall
TR18 4DA

Penwith Local History Group, Penzance, Cornwall
Penwith Local History Group
Penzance, Cornwall

The Morrab Library showing the new extension
The Morrab Library showing the new extension.
Photo Glyn Richards

<br>The Nine Maidens Stone Circle., Penwith Local History Group
This month's featured photograph:

The Nine Maidens Stone Circle.

Photograph by Ted Mole

Click on the photo above to view more photos
<br>Coastline near Zennor., Penwith Local History Group<br>Chysauster looking east to Mulfra Hill., Penwith Local History Group<br>St Michael's Mount from the Coast Path by Penzance station., Penwith Local History Group<br>Marazion from St Michael's Mount., Penwith Local History Group<br>Greenburrow Engine House, Ding Dong Mine., Penwith Local History Group<br>Marazion from St Michael's Mount, Trencrom on skyline., Penwith Local History Group<br>Three of the Nine Maidens, Zennor Hill in background., Penwith Local History Group<br>Levant Mine from the south showing the leat in the foreground, left to right the calciner, stamps and compressor stacks and the whim and pumping engine houses in the centre with the Skip Shaft headframe., Penwith Local History Group<br>Higher Bal, Levant Mine. Engine house for dual purpose pumping and winding engine. Stonecrop in foreground., Penwith Local History Group<br>Causeway to St Michael's Mount on the ebb tide., Penwith Local History Group<br>Men-an-Tol., Penwith Local History Group