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Bull-baiting at Madron Feast: The End of an Era   (29November)

29th November 1813, the last time a bull was baited at Madron Feast.....

The Girl in the Dock   (14 August 1884)

Miss M is notorious, she has a history of misdemeanours and when roused has a tendancy to fly into a fury of window breaking. And now she's up before the bench again......

Death of a Tin Framer   (8 July 1873)

Tin dressing floors could be hazardous places and required an adult attitude from the children and yound people who provided much of the work-force......

Ding Dong Knell: The End of an Era as Underground Work Stops at Ding Dong Mine   (7 July 1877)

High on the windswept moors of West Penwith isolated Ding Dong Mine has accumulated its share of myth and legend. So old it was commonly believed that Christ had been there as a boy, so deep you could hear Australian church bells if you listened by one of the many shafts. But Ding Dong would not get any deeper............

Hayknives at Heamoor   (6 July 1902)

Saturday nights: you never know what might happen. And last night, up at Polteggan Farm Heamoor, things were definitely getting lively.

Bloodsports in Penzance - tailpiping a dog   (4 February 1815)

Tail-piping or pralling dogs in the neighbourhood of Penzance ranked as an amusement, next to bull baiting, with the lower orders of society....

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Penwith Local History Group

c/o Morrab Library
Morrab Gardens
Penzance, Cornwall
TR18 4DA

Penwith Local History Group, Penzance, Cornwall
Penwith Local History Group
Penzance, Cornwall

The Morrab Library showing the new extension
The Morrab Library showing the new extension.
Photo Glyn Richards

<br>Causeway to St Michael's Mount on the ebb tide., Penwith Local History Group
This month's featured photograph:

Causeway to St Michael's Mount on the ebb tide.

Photograph by Ted Mole

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<br>Coastline near Zennor., Penwith Local History Group<br>Chysauster looking east to Mulfra Hill., Penwith Local History Group<br>St Michael's Mount from the Coast Path by Penzance station., Penwith Local History Group<br>Marazion from St Michael's Mount., Penwith Local History Group<br>Greenburrow Engine House, Ding Dong Mine., Penwith Local History Group<br>Marazion from St Michael's Mount, Trencrom on skyline., Penwith Local History Group<br>Three of the Nine Maidens, Zennor Hill in background., Penwith Local History Group<br>Levant Mine from the south showing the leat in the foreground, left to right the calciner, stamps and compressor stacks and the whim and pumping engine houses in the centre with the Skip Shaft headframe., Penwith Local History Group<br>Higher Bal, Levant Mine. Engine house for dual purpose pumping and winding engine. Stonecrop in foreground., Penwith Local History Group<br>Men-an-Tol., Penwith Local History Group<br>The Nine Maidens Stone Circle., Penwith Local History Group