Current Research Interests

The research interests of group members range widely and obviously change from time to time as new subjects offer themselves for examination. However the focus always remains on the use of primary or original materials to illuminate the history of our fascinating and unique area.

An impression of the diversity of topics covered can be gained from looking through the contents lists in our publications section and the list of member publications, while the following brief list furnishes an outline of our ongoing interests:

  • The history of Newlyn from the 18th to the 20th century
  • The fishing industry and associated trades and families in Mousehole and Newlyn
  • The rise and decline of the Newlyn artists colony and the relationships between the artists and the local people
  • 18th century correspondence, Rev. Ed. Giddy to Viscount Sidmouth
  • The development and impact of mining with a particular focus on the Parish of St Just in Penwith
  • Social and vernacular aspects of local history - housing, health, diet etc
  • St Hilary Parish with particular reference to its art, literary and cultural connections.
  • 18th century Morvah and the rise of Methodism
  • Penzance: the soap opera, as represented by the local press in the 19th century
  • Public Health
  • Lightships, wrecks and related topics
  • Women's history in west Cornwall.