On this Day 25th January 1680

Honour Roberts of Zennor

Honour Roberts died in 1679 and the inventory of her property is dated 25 January 1680. She was the widow of William Roberts and lived at Chykembro in Zennor. When she died her lease on Chykembro passed to her two sons, John and William, who were still under age. The Roberts family were one of the more prosperous families in the parish, William left goods worth over £30 when he died in 1673 and when Honour died the value of her inventory was £64.

Names are a somewhat uncertain business in the 17th century. In 1649 Jane Knight alias Roberts married James Quick. The same year William Knight junior married Honour Chykembra, alias Williams. So Honour's sister-in-law was married to one of the influential Quick family and when she died James Quick was one of the overseers of her will.

As now, Zennor in the late 17th century was an agricultural parish and compared to the rest of Penwith the parish was more heavily dependent on cattle and grazing than on corn. William Roberts' inventory shows that he died in possession of cattle worth £17.50, probably three or four animals.

William Robarts (Roberts) had been taxed at one hearth in the hearth tax assessment of 1664, on of 36 households with one hearth in Zennor.

More information on Zennor in the 17th century can be found in Jean Nankervis' article, Zennor at the Time of the Hearth Tax in West Penwith at the Time of Charles ll, Penwith Local History Group, 1998.

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