On this Day 27th January 1947

Slaughterhouse goes west

Penzance is alarmed. Hoteliers, be on your guard – your “difficulties” will be “increased”.  Farmers – be ready. You must prepare for longer journeys on the difficult January roads. Housewives beware – there will henceforth be less “odds and ends (offal etc)… which help to buttress the home menu”, and consequently “more worry”.

The Ministry of Food has decreed that the slaughterhouses facing on to Bread Street are not fit for the modern world, and must be closed forthwith.

This is all the work of busybodies. There have been letters and complaints for several years, but who was it that alerted the London press? That photographer hanging about all day – he barely saw a child at all down Back Lane, let alone an impressionable infant gawping in. Hasn’t the Council just ordered that the doors are to be kept shut? Isn’t that enough to satisfy these sensitive up-country folk? Most people don’t even know the abattoirs are there.

“The public will suffer”, the butchers warn darkly. From now on, “for the most part, all we shall get is frozen meat”.

Cornishman 30th January 1947

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