On this Day 30th January 1915

Yorkshiremen invade Penzance - West Yorkshire Regiment training in Penwith


On Saturday 30 January 1915 a further detachment of troops arrived in Penzance for training. These were 400 officers and men of the West Yorkshire Regiment who arrived by train to be greeted by the Mayor and Town Band.

While the earlier detachment from the Northampton Regiment were marched from the station to their quarters in the eastern part of the borough, these new arrivals were marched up Market Jew, accompanied by the band, to quarters in the western part of the borough.

Penzance seemed to be full of marching men in late January 1915 and inevitably there was a certain amount of competition. The men of the Northampton Regiment are reported to have enquired of the passing men of the Mounts bay Volunteers whether they were the West Yorkshires. No punch ups were reported.

With the arrival of all these extra men in the town there was clearly a need to look after their entertainment and a committee was formed to oversee such matters while reading and recreation room were also opened. No interviews with the grateful troops seem to have been conducted so their views of the entertainments are currently unknown.


Cornishman 4 February 1915

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