On this Day 19th February 1914

What electricity can do for Penzance

Hurry along to St John’s Hall this evening for your last chance – your very last chance – to see the Electrical Exhibition and Demonstration. Find out what electricity can mean for you, in this cleaner, brighter modern world of 1914.

The Penzance and District Electric Supply Company have done themselves proud. Mr Lawrence will be giving his special lecture on the Holophane System of Illumination at 7 30 sharp, but while you wait there is plenty more to see. A lady will be demonstrating electric cookery: not just the new stoves, but grilling and toasting too. Madam, there’s nothing a man likes more than a fine grilled chop. And even if your cook had been up for hours, raking and fiddling and no doubt complaining, she’d be hard pressed to present him with such a fine breakfast from your old Holman’s slab*. Problems with your other servants? Never fear: we have the answer. We have the new vacuum cleaners. And Alfred Smith has fitted up a special dining room, with furnishings and lighting from his shop next door, and electrical gadgets galore to impress your friends and guests at table: an egg boiler, a coffee “perculator” with a glass dome, an electric teapot.

And you, Sir, cannot fail to be impressed by our transformation of the exterior of the Public Buildings. We have used not one, but two of the new one third Watt lamps, each with 3,000 candlepower. Madam, that is like 6,000 candles! Imagine, if you will: 6,000 candles with no waxy mess, no smell!


Cornishman 14th February and 19th February 1914 p 8 (advertisement), 19th February 1914 p 5 (review)

The Penzance and District Electrical Supply Company was set up in 1903 and traded until 1938.

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