On this Day 17th March 1936

Cornishman World Exclusive Confirmed

It’s Tuesday evening, and here at the Cornishman offices in Parade Street the wordsmiths – under the direction of Herbert Thomas – are putting together the following day’s edition. The big advertisements will have gone in first of course – Bisto, the Co-op, the Great Western Railway. Then the major stories they’ve been working on, most of which are of a sombre cast: the main headline is “European Crisis”; news is just coming in about an accident at Wheal Reeth and top local boxer Ted Wydell is rumoured to be trapped underground; only nine people have turned up for a meeting about holding a Carnival in Penzance this year. People just aren’t in the mood for parading about in costumes. Yes - generally, it’s all rather glum.

So here is something to cheer up the readers and remind them that newspapers can still offer exclusives that the BBC can’t. A few weeks ago the paper really was first with the news, and confirmation has arrived today that the story has legs. For readers of the Cornishman – and only the Cornishman – will know about the imminent marriage plans of the new king, Edward VIII. And tomorrow’s edition of the newspaper can reveal that the king himself has as good as confirmed them.

And the lucky bride? Admittedly, the Cornishman’s can’t come up with a name. But its sources have revealed that it’ll be either the young sister of a duke, or perhaps the niece of a North European monarch. Someone straight out of the top drawer, that’s for sure.


Evening Tidings 27th February 1936 p 3; Cornishman 18th March 1936 p 4

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