On this Day 24th March 1955

A Night in with the Box

What’s on at the cinema? Frankly, not a lot.

The Ritz in Penzance has a new film starting tonight and showing over the weekend: Moira Shearer in The Man Who Loved Redheads. One thing you can say for that – it won’t be in black and white. The advert actually says “rich colour” just in case anyone was wondering. The B movie’s something called The Brain Machine. The title sounds good, but the paper says it’s “a drama of crime detection by psychiatric methods”, which to my mind doesn’t quite pique the imagination so much. Then on Monday they’ve got Marius Goring in Break in the Circle. “Thrill for thrill! Shock for shock!” the advert says, but it’s a U certificate so that doesn’t sound very likely, does it? Over at St Ives there’s a Disney – Peter Pan. And with Easter only three weeks away, the Palace at Hayle have finally got hold of White Christmas. Better late than never, I suppose. Well, that’s Hayle for you.

I’ll admit it, I’ve been looking at televisions. An advert caught my eye in tonight’s paper – says that “good television pictures can now be received in many parts of Penzance and District”. Wellington and Wood at the bottom of North Parade can arrange the set, the aerial, the hire purchase – everything. And their Chief Engineer, Mr Bradley – he’s written books! Over 30 books, it says, on radio and television. There’s a man who knows his onions. Not to mention his valves and his tubes.

Still need the cinema for colour, mind. Those redheads, for example. They wouldn’t look much in black and white. But the broadcasts are really getting rather good. Take today, for example. It’s all there in Radio Times. About the Home – practical help for the housewife – at 3.00, just the old girl’d be putting her feet up before starting the tea. There’s keep fit on the show, and they’ve found a lady doctor to answer viewers’ questions. On Children’s TV, after Rag Tag and Bobtail, there’s an instructive little piece about the Royal Navy Air Station at Arbroath. At half past six the local transmitters will be broadcasting Westward Ho! and Cliff Michelmore is going back to Okehampton, to see how they’re getting on with that house they’re building on a £650 budget. Later in the evening there’s Animal, Vegetable or Mineral – and even time for a comic opera before the news (sound only) God Save the Queen and close down at 11.00.

And what’s more, there’s the new Independent channel starting up in September! We’ll only have to turn the dial on the set and there’ll be a wholly different show being broadcast! A choice! Imagine! That’ll give the BBC a run for its money.

Cornishman Thursday March 24th 1955 p 4, p 12

BBC TV Schedule 24 March 1955

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