On this Day 16th April 1646

St Michael's Mount Falls to Parliament

Although it is quite difficult to decide on the actual date of the surrender of St Michael’s Mount, since there are several different possibilities, the most likely is Thursday 16th April 1646, quoted in State Papers about the Civil War.  Nor is it clear just how much fighting went on before the Mount was surrendered by Sir Arthur Basset. Just one week before, a considerable number of the defenders had deserted but Royalists commenting on the surrender in later years thought that the Mount could have held out for much longer. Defences had been improved the previous year and when the Parliamentarian regiment under Colonel Hammond (the 3rd Foote) went in, they captured a large amount of arms, including 30 pieces of ordnance, 100 barrels of gunpowder, 500 muskets and 100 pikes, as well as ammunition. Whatever the reason, the surrender of the Mount left only Pendennis Castle beseiged – they did not surrender until August, leaving the whole of Cornwall in the hands of the Parliamentarians.

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