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News update from the Penwith Local History Group,
July 2017

July Site Update - As of the beginning of July 2017 a search facility has been added to the PLHG site to make past items easier to find. The site has also been slightly reorganised in order to improve navigation.

John Tregerthen Short, the diarist of St Ives, without whose work On This Day would have been much the poorerNew content this month includes part two of our Penwith Paper on the St Ives elections, this time focusing on 1885 and the impact of boundary reform and the secret ballot. The writer had intended this to coincide with the general election but the editor went to the Hebrides and forgot all about it. The second part of our series of Local History Primers will also be published on the 8th of July. By chance this item also looks at boundaries though here it's boundaries in the landscape.

Our On This Day feature will be taking a break during July to give the writers a chance to sharpen their quills, clear the bits of pie out of the keyboards and otherwise service their production aids. An overview of On This Day is available here revisiting some of the topics and sources which have been deployed over the last six months.

Zennor Quoit by Ros Prigg, 2017History of Zennor - The Cornwall Association of Local Historians (CALH) has published two items recently on the work of Penwith Local History Group and its members. The CALH Journal Spring 2017 no 69 featured the first part of Jean Nankervis' History of Zennor. Jean, otherwise known as bard Cowser Zennor, lives in Zennor and has been collecting information on the parish for many years. Part 1, from Mesolithic to Early Iron Age, discusses stone age implements, Carn Galva tribal centre, and the Bronze Age settlement at Foage where prehistoric pottery has been found. She also explores changes in weather patterns, burial rites, tin streaming, trading and religious practices. These early farmers raised crops, reared cattle, made butter and cheese and rode horseback.

The beautiful illustrations are by member Ros Prigg while Ted Mole took the photograph of Carn Galva. While the journal is not on sale to the general public your local public library should have a copy if you live in Cornwall.

Women of West Cornwall - The CALH Spring Journal 2017 also contained a review of recent PHLG publication Women of West Cornwall by Claudia Chilver. Claudia clearly thinks that you should dash out and buy yourself a copy but if that doesn't appeal you can always purchase it from our online shop. Here are a couple of extracts from Claudia's review:

This is an attractive volume, beautifully laid-out and illustrated. It has an excellent introduction by its editor, Pam Lomax, giving the flavour of each of the subjects covered in the various chapters, and linking their stories, to bring the book into a coherent whole. This preface is in itself an adequate review of the work of the Penwith Local History Group: anyone looking at this introduction would be keen to follow up several of the sections at least, and the end of the introduction, with its humour about washday is imbued with a lively sense of fun.

As you finish this book, you are left with a definite sense of having learnt much of the past life of West Penwith. It is a very worthwhile collection of papers. History is a patchwork, and it shows how the study of many different patches can only make a start to bringing the whole fabric together.”

PLHG publications can be purchased online here or perused in the Morrab Library.

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